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Blue Bermondsey Children’s Story Walks: Anansi

Following the cancellation of this summers children’s storytelling event, due to the Covid crisis. Blue Bermondsey have asked London Dreamtime to create a very special family experience: the Blue Bermondsey Children’s Story Walk.

In this page you can listen to or download a very special story told by Alim Kamara, a Griot or storyteller whose traditional tales engage and enchant whilst preserving histories from the villages of West Africa.

What is needed?

  • A mobile phone or table
  • Mobile internet if you want to play it directly from the website or download it to your phone or computer to play it later.
  • A map of the route and optional activity sheet, both available to download below.

Tip: Get together with other parents to create your own storytelling family outing or play indoors and feed the children’s imagination.

How to follow the story?

  1. Use the map to find Shuttleworth Park and start near the fountain
  2. Press the button below to play the story or the download track
  3. The narrator will tell you when it is time to find the next marker
  4. Use the map to find the other locations

And the story goes…

Find a nice spot in the park, follow the step above and find out about Anansi, a very clever spider who weaves his way to solving very challenging problems. You can then follow the trail and let the story unfold. Have fun!

Children's storytelling: Anansi
You can download or print this image.

Story location markers (perfect to gather together and play the story)

  1. Fountain at Shuttleworth Park
  2. Snake in the second playground
  3. The Bermondsey Lion
  4. Green space

Good to know

  • The route follows pedestrian routes whenever it is possible. Please be aware of upcoming traffic when crossing roads.
  • We appreciate your feedback for future storytelling walks.
  • Have you got a bluetooth speaker? Take it you to enhance the experience.
  • Planning to use the activity sheets? Take some crayons and take a break in The Blue Market or one of the eateries in the area so children can relive their walk.

Children’s Walks Anansi Activity Sheet

Click on the photo to enlarge and print at home

Click to expand and print (choose 100% scale on your printer)
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