Visit The Blue

Welcome to the blue

The Blue is the historic town centre of Bermondsey

The Blue has a long intriguing history and “Going Down the Blue” to do a bit of shopping and socialise has been a big part of this. The Blue has always been known for the quality of it’s independent shops and businesses, providing that extra bit of personal service and attention, this tradition continues, even in today’s digitised world. At its heart is Market Place which is more just a home to stalls, it is also the hub of the community, with regular cultural events and activities for all.

Around The Blue

In the surrounding streets, you will find a variety of small businesses, providing a wide range of services, overshadowed by the ancient railway arches which are brimming with food wholesalers and craft breweries on the final stretch of the ‘Bermondsey Beer Mile‘.

The Future Is Blue

Market Place has recently undergone major makeover as part of the Made In Bermondsey regeneration project funded by the GLA, after a successful funding application by Blue Bermondsey BID.

Market Place was the key focus of the improvements that have provided a modern, functional and captivating central public space is that feels inviting and good to be in.

The new ‘Bermondsey Project’ housing development with approx 1500 new homes is due to start construction on part of the former Peek Frean Biscuit Factory site this year. The plans include a connected network of housing, offices, community hubs and a new school, including a new link through the railway arches to Market Place.