Blue Bermondsey BID Renewal Ballot 2023

The ballot is in full swing, so if you are one of our eligible businesses you would have received your voting papers. Your vote is important to us, so please vote now to our proposals for a third term at the ballot which will run until 5pm on 23rd November 2023.

If you are a levy paying business your levy contribution and support are our backbone, this website, its content and all we do is made possible by you.

Without a majority yes vote, all our operations will cease.

As the only collective voice of local business we stand up for our businesses as well as being responsible for major positive enhancements to the area, through a wide range of projects, events and activities.

Only a yes vote to our proposals will ensure we can carry on working for you and continue improving our area and strengthening the relationships and partnerships that we have built across our two previous terms of operation.


  1. If you are a business or organisation within the BID area, occupying premises with a rateable value of £7,500 or greater you will have received your ballot paper(s) by post.
  2. The ballot voting period will run for 25 days from Monday 30th October, closing at 5pm on Thursday 23rd November 2023.
  3. Simply complete the ballot paper and return it by post in the pre-paid envelope asap.

If you did not receive your ballot paper, please email Russell, Blue Bermondsey BID manager, to arrange for duplicate to be sent to you.

Our renewal proposals detailing our plans for a third term have been sent to all our eligible businesses by post, you can also access a copy by clicking the cover image below.

If you would like to be visited to discuss our proposals,

Please email Russell, Blue Bermondsey BID manager.