It’s A YES

Against a backdrop of a very challenging time for our businesses, The Blue Bermondsey BID board sincerely thanks our business members for backing our proposals at the renewal ballot. This overwhelming endorsement has invigorated our desire to demonstrate our worth and drive forward from the outset of the new term, which begins in April 2024.

Since our inception in 2014, alongside providing beneficial services to our businesses, our work has given us a strong and respected representative voice, that has been greatly enhanced by the 81% of businesses voting in favour. However, what is done is done and we do not rest on our laurels, we work even harder for the greater good of local business and the area in which we trade.

To be our most effective in this, we need the valued input of our business members and welcome involvement in developing and delivering projects and initiatives. This can be through membership of the board or through a sub-group of the board that can be set up for this specific purpose.

Together we are stronger and if you are a levy paying business member and have any ideas for new projects or services that you feel will bring benefits, don’t be shy contact Russell – Blue Bermondsey BID manager, who will be delighted to meet and help make it happen.

Everything we do relates back to our overarching aim to make Blue Bermondsey a place where businesses feel part of and want to be.

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