Cancer Awareness The Blue Market

The Cancer Awareness Roadshow is coming to The Blue

Blue Bermondsey BID has partnered with Cancer Research UK to bring a series of events to the area to help raise awareness.

The Cancer Awareness Roadshow | 10th – 12th September | 10am to 4pm | Market Place, London SE16 3UQ

The Cancer Awareness Roadshow goes into the heart of communities talking
to people about the importance of early diagnosis, and steps they can take to live more healthily and reduce the risk of cancer. Since 2006, our Roadshow nurses have reached around half a million people. We are literally on the road to
beating cancer!

What do we offer?

We provide a welcoming environment for people to:

  • talk to one of our Roadshow nurses, no appointment needed
  • discuss how leading a healthy lifestyle can reduce cancer risk
  • learn about screening and where to get more information
  • talk about the importance of spotting cancer early by going promptly to the GP with
    any concerns
  • find out about local and national health services
  • have a free BMI1 or Smokerlyzer®test2
  • help themselves to a wide range of useful lea ets

Our nurses tailor information to each visitor. It’s all about informing, motivating, signposting.

If you are interested in hearing more about the Roadshow, email us at

Our Key Messages

  • Be smoke free
  • Keep a healthy weight Be safe in the sun Drink less alcohol
  • Eat healthily
  • Be more active

1 /Body Mass Index (BMI test): a measure of height and weight that indicates whether or not someone’s weight is posing an increased risk to their health. 2 Carbon monoxide test (Smokerlyzer®) measures how much carbon monoxide is in someone’s breath, providing a platform for discussing the damage that smoking does to health.

For a full list of the locations that we’re due to visit go to

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