Memorial Tree Planting in Shuttleworth Park. Sunday 24th November 2019

Come and plant a tree in memory of a loved one, anniversary, event, pet, your life in Bermondsey or anything else that you wish to commemorate, and watch your tree grow, year on year.

Local residents in the Blue who are passionate about where they live have obtained 200 small trees under the Woodland Trust Scheme. These trees will be mainly used for planting a hedge along the southern edge of Shuttleworth Park and other spaces to enhance the park and create more greening.

Blue Bermondsey is appealing for like minded locals to come along and join in. We need your help in the planting and you can dedicate a tree in memory, of a loved one, pet, your life in Bermondsey or anything else you so wish and see your tree develop and grow over the years.

The Memorial Tree Planting takes place from 11.00am to 2.00pm followed by a free ‘campfire lunch’

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