Lavagé Drycleaners

Lavage Dry Cleaners

With almost 30 years of dry cleaning experience our team aims to provide the best experience possible for our customers. With our expert tailor we make sure each customers is left satisfied. We do all of our cleaning on premises making sure each item gets the proper attention it should have. we are offering a wide range of services such as Leather & Suede Cleaning, curtain Cleaning, Duvet Cleaning. Having our other dry cleaning business in Shoreditch, Bishopgate, Spitalfields, Shepherds Bush, Eden Park, Hayes & now Bermondsey we can deal with most queries or jobs a customer requires.


  • Dry Cleaning: A process of cleaning clothes with out the use of water instead we use water-free liquid solvent known as ‘perc’ (perchloroethylene)
  • Shirt Service: We offer the standrad service of washing and pressing shirt. Along with that we can dry clean your shirts, just iron them. We can return them on hangers or even folded.
  • Wash & Press: We can wash, dry and press your clothes. We also offer a wash, dry and fold service.
  • Ironing: We use our state of the art ironing machines to take all the creases out of the clothes; leaving the clothes fresh and crisp.
  • Household cleaning: We can clean all household items such as curtains, duvets, bed sets etc.
  • Repairs & Alterations: With an on-site Tailor we offer quick turnaround on repairs & altertaion. With almost 20 years of experience our tailor is one of the best in the business.