What We Do

Working for you

Central London neighbourhoods are experiencing the full force of rapid transformation and it is without question, that business communities who work together are better equipped to deal with change and better geared to embrace new opportunities. Local areas like the Blue need to be able to set themselves apart with a vision and cohesive offer of a more attractive destination to do business, live and visit.

Building for the future

In our first term we established Blue Bermondsey BID as a major stakeholder in the area and proved that there is no other organisation better placed to develop and deliver an overall vision for the area. In our second term, we are building on what has been achieved and are at the forefront of many new and exciting local initiatives.

Creating partnerships

As well as providing services to our businesses and supporting initiatives that have a real, lasting and beneficial effect. We have built relationships with private sector business, the local community, public sector and other key organisations within Southwark and beyond to help raise the profile and bring investment into the area.

Blue Bermondsey BID Map

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