Blue Bermondsey BID will be due for a renewal ballot in summer 2019. We are gathering feedback from our businesses to ensure our priorities and services continue to be in line with your wishes and welcome your valued input to assist us in better understanding your future needs.

Before The BID

Before we began operations, the business community was rudderless, the area had seen no investment for a number of years. Blue Bermondsey BID was elected to be the unified voice for local business and during our first term we have emerged as a key stakeholder organisation.

Our Achievements

We provide services and projects to benefit local business and play an active role in helping to improve the environment in which we operate; whilst building a productive relationship with the local community and strategic agencies.

Our 2014 BID proposal outlined key areas of operation:  

To help tackle crime and anti-social behaviour. 

We work closely with businesses, local Police and relative agencies to identify and address local business concerns and issues. 

To Save businesses money on waste collection and utilities

We provide free cardboard recycling, discounted waste services and access to joint procurement on utilities to save you money.

To engage the local community to report on areas of grime.

We conducted a 2-year online survey to collect data on local issues to find out more on what people want to see happening in the area. 

To work with support organisations to get local people into work

We provide access to training and support through our partner organisations to assist local entrepreneurs in developing ideas.

To assist in getting young people in apprenticeships and work

We have been actively involved with Southwark Council in developing their skills strategy and apprenticeship schemes.

To market the area through social media, local press. 

We have built a strong social media presence with our accounts amassing thousands of followers, alongside our website, newsletter and adverts all have greatly raised our area profile.

To identify and attract further funding. 

We have been successful in attracting over 150k additional funding for a range of projects and initiatives. In December 2018 we were awarded 2.5m from the Mayor of London for Blue area regeneration project.

To introduce a calendar of events.  

We work with a wide range of local organisations in staging a full events annual calendar, including Blue Christmas and Bermondsey Folk Festival, bringing thousands of new visitors.

To take an active role in promoting local heritage.

We initiated the Larder of London initiative that has delivered five arts projects to illuminate public spaces.  

To help address local youth unemployment issues.

We were actively involved in bringing Bermondsey Community Kitchen and Big Local Works training hub to the Blue.  

To provide more networking opportunities.

We stage many diverse business meetings and events for our members.

To work with the  new owners of the Biscuit Factory.

We attend all relevant meetings with Grosvenor, to help shape their plans.

To contribute to the transformation of the public realm.

We have developed and produced plans for a total regeneration strategy for the area.

To work with the council to bring more traders and events onto the Blue market.

We produced vision and strategy plan which has led to 15 new stalls at the Saturday market and regular events.

We also.

Meet quarterly with other BIDs to network and exchange ideas.

Are members of Southwark BIDs and Business Forums to represent the interests of our businesses.

Worked with Southwark Council launch a pilot lettings strategy in the area.

Attend all relevant Council meetings and have made many presentations on the work of the BID.

Established strong links with local tenants associations, community groups and partner organisations.

Future Aims

In July 2019 we will be asking local businesses to vote for a second term of operations to build on what we have achieved so far and continue delivering on the multitude of projects and initiatives we are currently engaged in. We will listen to local business needs and produce full detailed proposal based on our survey findings.
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